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SupportGroupWebsiteButton.jpgCancer-related health promotion and education programs include screening for early detection, education and support. Call 734-655-8940 for specific dates and times.

Prostate Screening

This program offers men the opportunity to have a free digital rectal exam and blood test for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Follow-up with participants ensures referral to additional healthcare services that may be required. Breast Cancer Screening Screening and information on breast cancer is offered through the Marian Women's Center, Radiology and Community Outreach. The program includes a breast exam and low-cost mammogram on scheduled days during the month of October. Focus on Living The Focus on Living cancer support group gives participants an opportunity to discuss their concerns and gain support from others who are sharing and coping with cancer. The group meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. and is facilitated by a registered nurse.

Smoke-Free Living

A smoking cessation class - "Smoke-Free Living" - consists of three two-hour sessions and is facilitated by a registered nurse specially trained in smoking cessation and behavioral strategies. The class covers the effects of smoking, what to expect when you quit, coping techniques and strategies on staying smoke-free. Follow-up provides data and support for continued cessation.

Cancer Survivors' Celebration

National Cancer Survivors' Day is celebrated at St. Mary Mercy Hospital for those who have survived cancer, to honor those living with cancer and remember those lives lost to cancer. The program consists of a brief presentation, a prayer service and interaction with family members