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We are committed to the safety of our patients and staff at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. The following three systems help us maintain the highest level of safety:

We have a computer-based method for reporting errors, events and near misses. To improve patient safety and the care provided, it is our mission that errors and near misses are reported.

Each report is reviewed and changes are made to our system and delivery of care in hopes to improve patient care. Monthly summaries of the reports are created so that trends can be identified and acted upon.

Ultimately we believe this will help us keep patients and staff safer by reinforcing the need to report so that systems can be fixed, versus individuals punished.

Culture of Safety Survey: Every year St. Mary Mercy Hospital surveys employees and physicians on our progress towards creating a culture of safety. Specifically we are interested in perceptions that patient safety issues can be openly and freely discussed and suggestions for improving patient safety are welcomed and encouraged. The survey includes a variety of questions in categories such as hospital work area/unit, manager/supervisor, communications, reporting of events, and overall the hospital. Results are analyzed and used to develop the plan for patient safety improvement for the next year.

Patient Safety Rounds take place each week at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. A team rounds on a different patient care unit or department each week to perform inspection and to talk with the staff about any concerns related to patient safety. Each team consists of a member of our Leadership Team, our Infection Control Specialist and Safety Officer. Staff feedback is documented, returned to the manager and reported to the Quality and Patient Safety Committee.