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At St. Mary Mercy Livonia we are dedicated to providing high quality health care that meets the needs of all of our patients. To better understand your health care needs, we will ask a few new questions during patient registration about race and preferred language.

We will ask you to self-identify your race and preferred language. While the answers may seem obvious, it is important that we collect accurate information directly from our patients. Participation is voluntary.

We will respect your decision if you choose not to answer. The information you provide during registration is confidential. Once this information is a part of your medical record, we will not need to ask the questions again.

Race is the group or groups with which you identify as having similar social and cultural characteristics and ancestry. Please let us know if you are Hispanic/Latino, White, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander or if you are of two or more races.

Preferred Language
Please let us know the preferred language you would like to use to discuss your medical information while you are a patient.

Why am I being asked about my race and preferred language?
St. Mary Mercy Livonia is collecting race and language information so that we can better understand the health care needs of our patients and the communities we serve.

How will this information be used?
The information you provide will help us care for you during your hospital stay. Over time it will help us to make sure we are providing the best care based on the cultural needs of our patients.

How is my race related to my health?
Studies show that there are differences in health needs among racial and ethnic groups. We don't know all the causes of these differences and we want to learn more about them so we can better serve our communities. We can address these differences with specific programs and services if we have a better understanding of our patients and our communities.

What if I don't want to provide this information?
Participation is voluntary. We respect your decision if you choose to not answer.

Who sees this information?
This information is a part of your confidential medical record, which is protected by law. Only a limited number of staff will see this information. Your caregivers will have access to the information only if they need to know as a part of your medical care.

Will you ask me these questions every time I have a service?
No. Once collected, this information is part of your medical record.

Can I expect to receive the same high quality care that I have always received?
Absolutely. We take great pride in providing every patient with high quality care. Now that we are collecting this information we can address health concerns or needs based on race or language more effectively. Your care is our highest priority.