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Navigating the Future
At St. Mary Mercy Hospital, we're proud to use a state-of-the-art clinical and patient administration computer system that enables us to offer our patients leading-edge health care. The clinical system, which we call Genesis, establishes patient Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Upon registration, you are given a unique identification number to be used each time you receive services at St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

Digital Admission
During the admission process, information regarding medical history and physical assessment may be recorded on a laptop computer in your patient room. With this new system, physicians can better focus on your questions, concerns, and care when they are with you. This new state-of-the-art, clinical computer system will increase both the safety of patients and the quality of care to patients at St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

Electronic Order Entry
Our doctors place orders through the computer which are automatically transmitted to the appropriate department of the hospital (laboratory, X-ray, physical therapy, etc.). This new process allows us to promptly provide you with appropriate treatments by decreasing the time it takes to interpret handwritten orders and deliver them to various departments.

Automatic Allergy/Drug Alerts
At the time a doctor places a medication order, the system automatically reviews it, along with your most recent lab results. The system checks for any possible allergy/drug interactions and double-checks dosages. This safety net feature can alert your doctor to review and change orders based on your most current medical information before an order is processed.

Electronic Documentation
Nurses and other health care professionals will document your care on the computer. This enables authorized staff in every department to access the most up-to-date information so they can respond quickly and appropriately to your needs.

Physicians Have Remote Access
Physicians caring for you can securely review your test results through their home or office computer, providing them the opportunity to stay updated on your condition, even while they are not in the hospital. Your physicians will be able to change your treatment orders wherever they are, based on your tests results.

Patient Records Always Available
Should you ever require another stay here or visit our emergency room, your information is immediately accessible to our caregivers onsite or remotely through your St. Mary Mercy Hospital-affiliated doctor. Your chart is always available to those who need to review it. Pioneering technology such as Genesis enables us to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and compassionate patient care using the latest health information technology.

Benefits to Patients
Genesis technology benefits patients in a number of ways, including increased patient safety due to computerized order entry of medications (the computer checks for allergy and possible drug interactions). Decreased requests for duplicate information from patients. Increased patient privacy due to better control and tracking of protected health information. Overall streamlined care process helps decrease delays and enhances communication.