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The same quality laboratory service provided to physicians in St. Mary Mercy Hospital is now available to physicians in their own offices. The primary focus of the laboratories outreach program is customer service. The following are some of the value-added extras that are now provided to physicians in the community:

  • Client Services Department staffed by dedicated employees, where a physician who contacts the lab will be communicating with a knowledgeable person, not a voice mail system.
  • Courier Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Stat Pick-Ups upon request, with results available within 4 hours of request. Routine testing will be completed in 24 hours, in most cases.
  • Membership in The Joint Venture Hospital Laboratory (JVHL), which will allow the lab to negotiate with HMOs and other third party payers to provide services to patients regardless of their insurance.
  • Laboratory Supplies and forms furnished at no charge.
    Customized Test Profiles
  • ConvenientPatientServiceCenter (OPD drawing lab)
  • Electronic Ordering and Resulting System offering customized order screens with personalized training and support.

For more information please contact:

  • Dr. Stewart Knoepp, Laboratory Medical Director: 734-655-2475
  • Carol Shevach, Laboratory Manager: 734-655-2613
  • Mark Klisman, Diagnostic Services Sales and Marketing: 734-655-2508
  • Meg Modes, Technical Service Representative: 734-655-2554
  • Client Services (734) 655-2580