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St. Mary Mercy Hospital of Livonia offers nurses the challenge of an exciting career in an organization that values professional practice. At St. Mary Mercy Hospital, the nursing team provides patients with high-quality care through advanced credentials and active participation in continuing education. Nurses at St. Mary Mercy Hospital also utilize electronic medical records (EMR), computerized patient charting. This benefit allows real-time notification of new patient information, orders and test results that can be validated with patients and families.

Opportunities are available in the following patient care service areas:

  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Endoscopy
  • Emergency Center
  • Special Care Unit
  • Medicine
  • Perioperative Services
  • Oncology
  • Women's Services
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Medical Cardiology Unit
  • Surgical Services

Behavioral Medicine

The Department of Behavioral Medicine provides both mental health and chemical dependency treatment to adults age 18 years and older. The department consists of a 31-bed inpatient Mental Health Unit, a 10-bed Chemical Dependency Unit and an Intensive Outpatient Program for the treatment of substance abuse.

Emergency Center

The 31-bed Emergency Center is equipped to provide high quality care to patients of all ages. It is staffed with Board Certified Emergency Room Physicians, Registered Nurses and Emergency Center Technicians. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) and Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course (ENPC) are offered on site and taught by an Emergency Center nurse educator. The staffing model is based on the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) with guidelines reflecting volume and acuity. The supportive leadership team encourages teamwork, professional development and shared governance.


This unit is dedicated to the medical patients, specializing in, but not limited to the geriatric population. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to care including rehabilitation, pharmacy and respiratory services. The primary diagnoses are pneumonia, congestive heart failure and diabetes.


The Oncology Unit offers clinical excellence and compassionate care to oncology patients and their families. They are also trained to help patients and families approach end-of-life care issues and provide care to hospice patients requiring hospitalization.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Inpatient Rehabilitation unit provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to care, focusing on rehabilitating the patient to his/her maximum functional potential after suffering a life-altering event. This team consists of a rehab physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, rehab nurse and a social worker. The unit provides care to those but are not limited to, hip fracture, stroke, amputation, orthopedic and neurological conditions, and general deconditioning.

Perioperative Services

The Perioperative Unit provides surgical care and consists of pre-anesthesia testing, pre-op, same day surgery, eight operating rooms (OR), Post Anesthesia Recovery Unit (PACU), endoscopy and the sterile processing department. Approximately 10,000 surgical patients are scheduled per year at St. Mary Mercy.


The Endoscopy Unit provides diagnostic testing with therapeutic intervention in safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. The Endoscopy Unit consists of four pre-procedure areas, two procedure rooms and a recovery area where family can meet with the physician immediately following the test. Procedures performed in Endoscopy are gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography (ERCP). These tests are performed using the latest in videoscope technology.

Medical Cardiology Unit

The Medical Cardiology Unit (MCU) cares for patients who require cardiac rhythm monitoring using telemetry. While most patients have medical diagnosis such as heart failure and acute myocardial infarction, the unit also provides care to post-operative surgical and observation patients. Care is collaborative between registered nurses, attending physicians, cardiologists and other supporting disciplines. Care is dynamic with many admissions, transfers and pre- and post-procedure patients each day. A team leadership council, comprised of MCU staff, meets monthly to improve processes for patient care. The council's motto is "Touching lives compassionately; changing lives together."

Special Care Unit

The Special Care Unit (SCU) is a 16-bed intensive care unit for critically ill medical, surgical, cardiac and neuro patients. Patient rooms are spacious, allow for clear visibility and include state-of-the-art equipment. Pulmonary intensivists depend on nurses as the vital link in the care of the patients. We are active in Keystone ICU and focus on the latest improvements in safety and quality care
to our patients.

Surgical Services

This unit provides a multidisciplinary approach to care, including bedside rehabilitation, pharmacy, nutrition and respiratory services for adult and pediatric surgical patients. General surgical procedures include, but are not limited to, orthopedic repairs, fracture and joint replacements, abdominal, bowel, breast and genito-urinary surgeries.

Women's and Birthing Services

In the Miracle of Life Birthing Center, a family-centered philosophy of nursing incorporates the mother-baby concept of care. A crossed-trained staff cares for mom and baby from admission until discharge. The Birthing Center provides the latest in maternity care, featuring 20 private suites for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) care. Adjacent to the Miracle of Life Birthing Center is the Marian Women's Center which provides diagnostic services, such as mammography, ultrasound, bone density testing and stereotactic breast biopsy as well as health education and support groups for women of all ages.