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At St. Mary Mercy, there are a number of programs geared to the health of the men in the community:

Blood Pressure Screenings
Blood pressure checks are sponsored at 5 different locations in the area as well as here at St. Mary Mercy.

Tai Chi Classes
Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation is used to relax tired muscles, promote mobility and flexibility, maybe adding a few yards to that golf swing.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation classes offer men one of the best options for reducing the risk of smoking related heart problems and cancer.

Diabetes Education
Diabetes is one of the leading causes of a number of health problems. We offer extensive programs to help lower blood sugar and educate our community members on how to keep those numbers down.

Prostate Screenings
We are proud to continue our work in the area of men's prostate health. Our Prostate Screening Day, held annually in the fall, has proven to be a community favorite. Male members of entire families come together to take advantage of the health-related programs offered for as little as a $10 donation.