Contact Us: 734-655-4800

Dear Clinical Instructors,

Welcome to St. Mary Mercy Hospital. We are happy to have you and your students, and hope that you have an educational and satisfying clinical experience in our facility.

All instructors who teach in our health system must complete the following steps before the beginning of the semester:

If you are a new instructor to our facility, contact Lynda Madouse at 734-655-1577 or to arrange an orientation session. This is how you will get your computer access information and Pyxis access.

If you are not new faculty, but have either not taught in our facility for at least a year, or have forgot your login information, contact Lynda Madouse for general computer login info, or Marilyn Hoeman for the Pyxis system.

Review the specific requirements for St. Mary Mercy Hospital located on the link. All paperwork is required before you start your clinical rotation. This information can be mailed to:

Lynda Madouse
1st Floor, Nursing Administration
36475 Five Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48154

On the day you start, you will check in at Patient support Service in the basement to facilitate the badge process for you and your students. You may reach Patient Support at 734-655-8600 if you have any questions. If you can arrive at 7 a.m. for badges that would help so we can start the computer orientation promptly at 7:30 a.m. Once we complete the computer documentation session you will have an IV pump demonstration followed by the glucometer hands on learning experience. You are free to remain in the room to complete paper work or whatever you need to do until 3 p.m. Covered beverages are allowed in the computer room. Some people find the room chilly and may wish to bring a hot beverage. We will plan on a morning break and lunch break as well.

Please contact your unit director prior to your clinical rotation, so you can meet and get to know each other's expectations for the rotation. You will be working with Marilyn Hoeman for your clinical rotation orientation and she can be reached at 734-655-3644.

There is a limit of eight (8) students per instructor. We look forward to serving you as well as your upcoming nursing students.

Please remind the student that wearing perfume is discouraged, as there are so many patients, associates and visitors that have sensitivities to such things. Thank you very much for your assistance with this.

Again, I look forward to meeting you and your students and wish each of you a very educational and successful clinical rotation with St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me as shown below.

Kind Regards,

Lynda Madouse
Clinical Placement Coordinator

Marilyn Hoeman
Nurse Education Specialist