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Welcome to St. Mary Mercy Hospital! We are happy that you are considering having a clinical rotation in our facility. We welcome your students and faculty and hope that they have an educational and satisfying experience here.

Listed below is the information required to obtain student clinical placements in Saint Joseph Mercy Health System (SJMHS), which includes St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston, St. Joseph Mercy Saline Hospital and St. Mary Mercy Hospital Livonia.

1. The first step in obtaining clinical placements in SJMHS is to obtain a clinical contract for your school and program. For St. Mary Mercy Hospital, please contact Janet Searight at 734-655-2938, or email, to have a contract drafted.

All Information required for placements include:

  • Contract - once signed by both parties, it is considered approved
  • Copy of school's liability insurance
  • Copy of course syllabi or objectives

Students may not begin clinical placements in our system until the above information is received/approved.

2. Once the above information is verified, the coordinator may then submit a clinical request via ACE Placement for approval.

Individual Student Placements with Preceptors

These placements are for students who are matched with a single preceptor for an individual clinical placement, internship, or externship.