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St. Mary Mercy Hospital has been serving Livonia and the surrounding communities since 1959. To continue to be of service, to remain faithful to our mission in this challenging health care environment and to respond to the needs of the times we have established a clear strategic direction for organization wide performance improvement of patient care and safety. St. Mary Mercy Hospital is dedicated to excellence in health care, to identifying opportunities for improvement in performance and to identifying and reducing factors that could contribute to unanticipated adverse events or outcomes.

100 Top Hospitals    Governor's Award

Every person who seeks care in a healthcare facility should expect to receive safe care that is delivered in a safe environment. To that end St. Mary Mercy Hospital works to actively implement all of the National Quality Forum's Safe Practices.

We are also involved in collaborative initiatives with national and State organizations such as:

Continuous monitoring of our performance in core clinical measures, as well as indicators of employee and patient safety are overseen by hospital leadership and reported to our Quality and Patient Safety Committee and our Quality Sub-Committee of the Board.

The Quality Sub-Committee of the Board has representation from the Board of Trustees, community members, Physicians and Executive Leadership. The Quality and Patient Safety Committee is a multidisciplinary team with members of Leadership from pharmacy, nursing, diagnostics, physicians and administration. We believe, however, that we cannot do this alone but need to partner with you, our patients. Educated consumers, who feel free to question and participate in their care, are critical to a safe environment. In this section, you will find information on work we are doing, and also resources for you.