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Let's Get Ready to Have a Baby! Childbirth Education Classes at St. Mary Mercy Hospital
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St. Mary Mercy Hospital is offering a Childbirth Education workshop called, “Let’s Get Ready to Have a Baby”. This is a one-day workshop on Saturday, May 14, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Classrooms 1 and 2. Learn what to expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery and make the entire experience more rewarding.

This class is based on the “Lamaze Method” and includes exercise, relaxation, breathing techniques and comfort measures to assist expectant moms through the different stages of labor. Classes also include information on anesthesia options, medication, nutrition, family adjustment and the importance of the support person’s role. It enhances confidence and joy of the birthing experience. The class is open to expectant parents, not just those delivering at St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

There is a fee of $75 per couple, and registration is required. Please call 734.655.1162 for more information, or to register. Register online at and click on “classes and events.”