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Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
Start Date
St. Mary Mercy Hospital is offering a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class on Thursday, June 23 from 7 to 9 p.m., in Classrooms 1 and 2 at St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

St. Mary Mercy Hospital is committed to educating moms and offering support in their decision to nurse their babies. The class is designed for expectant mothers between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy. The class will focus on the benefits of breastfeeding for infant, mother, and family. Our instructors will demonstrate the many techniques of breastfeeding. Class will include breastfeeding and the working mother, questions and concerns about breastfeeding, and a review of breastfeeding pumps along with other helpful books and supplies.

The class is open to any expectant parents, not just those delivering at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. There is a fee of $25 per couple. We recommend registering early to guarantee you a place in the class. To register, call 734-655-1162, or register online at and click on “classes and events.”