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Baby Basics Workshop
Start Date
St. Mary Mercy Hospital is offering a "Baby Basics Workshop" Infant Care and Breastfeeding Class combined, on Saturday, June 11, from 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in the Hospital’s Auditorium.

Get the basics of baby care and breastfeeding all in one class! This class is designed for first time parents to learn the skills of feeding, bathing, diapering, skin care, soothing and safety. A St. Mary Mercy Hospital certified pediatrician will discuss infant illness and child immunization. In addition, new parents will learn breastfeeding techniques including positioning, pumping, storage and breast care.

Bring stuffed animal or doll to use during a demonstration on how to hold the baby when breastfeeding. Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starting time. Bring your lunch, snacks and drinks. There will be a 45-minute lunch break.

This class is open to anyone who cares for an infant. The fee is $50 per couple. Registration is required. To register call St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s Marian Women's Center at 734.655.1162, or register online at and click on “classes and events”.