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United Outstanding Physicians and St. Mary Mercy Hosptial partner to enhance quality care for patients at a lower cost
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United Outstanding Physicians and St. Mary Mercy Hospital partner
to enhance quality care for patients at a lower cost

United Outstanding Physicians (UOP) is comprised of more than 1,100 private and employed physicians and St. Mary Mercy Hospital, a 304-bed large community hospital in Livonia, have partnered to focus on quality and efficiencies in the delivery of healthcare to patients. The partnership between St. Mary Mercy Hospital and UOP will provide enhanced case management and communication between physicians to assure quality, coordination of care, and ultimately to reduce costs by better managing utilization.

In a partnership that began August 1, 2011, processes and protocols have been developed between St. Mary Mercy and UOP to develop a model of care, specific to emergency and inpatient care that supports higher quality care and lower cost. This model of care focuses on enhancing communication with the primary care physician in the patient’s hospital treatment planning.

“With this program, we will provide customized care coordination to UOP patients with the objective of direct and immediate involvement of the patient's primary care physician, which should result in an improvement in quality and a reduction in utilization of unnecessary diagnostic services and admissions,” said Peter Dews, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

Specifically, this program is designed through enhanced communication to:
· Coordinate care between the primary care physician and hospital
· Reduce unnecessary utilization of emergency services
· Reduce redundant testing, and
· Reduce avoidable re-admissions

“This model of care is the type of collaborative effort that the government and major insurance plans are promoting via the establishment of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Organized Systems of Care (OSC). ACOs and OSCs are designed to expand the patient-centered medical home concept to what people are calling a medical neighborhood where providers are connected, and care is better coordinated,” said Terry Gordon, MD, Chief Medical Officer, United Outstanding Physicians.

“The new processes in our program will demonstrate to the region that physicians and hospital systems can work together to achieve cost savings and improve quality,” said Dr. Dews.

About United Outstanding Physicians
United Outstanding Physicians (UOP) is a physician organization comprised of more than 1000 private and employed physicians who are focused on quality and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. At UOP, our approach to healthcare is clear that is to provide a certified system that works for everyone. Over 1000 physicians have joined UOP in a shared commitment to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.