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St. Mary Mercy Hopsital Welcomes First Patients into New Addition's Private Rooms
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Kevin J. Chmiel didn’t know what to expect when he was getting transferred to St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s new private patient rooms on Monday. But when he arrived, the 50-year-old felt like he was on a TV set.

“I went from a general hospital to a hospital room in ‘House,’” Chmiel said, referring to the medical television show and pointing out some of the features in the private room, such as the flat screen TV and new equipment.

Chmiel was the first patient in the hospital’s private rooms in the all-new South Wing. The hospital recently completed a 154,000-square-foot addition that contains a total of 80 private patient rooms and a new Emergency Center. A total of 75 patients were placed into the new private rooms on Monday, November 5. They received a plush blanket, a note from President and CEO Dave Spivey welcoming them into the new space, and a get well card made by children who attended the community open house of the new addition held Sunday, October 28.

Chmiel had no idea he was going to be the first patient, but “it was an honor,” he said. “I’ve been at St. Mary Mercy quite a few times, and I’ve always been very appreciative of all the help that I’ve received.”

Chmiel of Plymouth grew up in Livonia and has seen St. Mary Mercy “grow up” as well: he went to St. Mary Mercy for the first time in March 1972 when he was injured on a school ski trip. Most recently, he was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night for chest discomfort.

The second and third floors in the hospital’s new wing were designed with a “race track” layout, with the patient rooms surrounding a centrally-located clinical station. The mobile computers and alcoves located outside the patient rooms allow caregivers to electronically chart patient progress, access test results and closely monitor the patient, keeping the caregiver in close proximity to the patient.

“I’ve only been here a half an hour and you can tell that they’ll be attentive and more efficient,” Chmiel said. “It’s a new look, but [they’re] doing the same thing… to serve the community.”
The private room with the updated technology and comforting amenities helped Chmiel feel relaxed, an important element to a patient’s healing, he said.

“Growing up in Livonia, I’ve seen a lot of changes,” he said. “But St. Mary Mercy is growing and expanding and doing what they need to do to better serve the community and raise the standard.”