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Marketing & Public Relations

You read the evening paper and catch a news story, photo or advertisement about the great services and staff at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. You pick up the Life & Health community newsletter and get an update on news and health tips from the hospital.

You hear about us on the radio, or visit our web sites, read about the hospital in our booklets, brochures, flyers and signs, and notice the “Remarkable Medicine Remarkable Care” billboard. Our message also plays on the telephone when you’re placed on hold.

The Marketing/Public Relations Department staff is responsible for communicating all of this information. This department provides information to patients, visitors and the community through internal and external communications, including marketing, advertising, public relations, publications production, corporate identity and web sites.


Working with the media and generating news stories is important to the hospital. Marketing/Public Relations handles all media requests that come to the hospital, and takes calls for patient condition reports. The staff meets and greets all media that come on site, is on call 24/7 for media calls, and coordinates news coverage on the hospital. Also coordinated through the Marketing/Public Relations office are community sponsorships, governmental issues and communications with Trinity Health, St. Mary Mercy Hospital's parent organization.

Media Contact:
Jennifer Kennedy
Marketing/Public Relations
734-797-3660 pager
734-655-4284 fax


A strategic marketing plan guides the rollout of hospital advertising throughout the year. A coordinated plan for print ads, radio spots, billboard, theatre slides and newsletter articles runs throughout the year.


Our graphic designers on staff maintain the hospital’s corporate identity, develop logos and designs for campaigns, events and special promotions, and create the layout and design for all the organization's publications, newsletters, and other printed materials. The department also oversees hospital displays, facility signage, temporary signs and posters, among many other items.