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Baby Basics
Get the basics of baby care and breastfeeding. This two day session is designed for first time parents to learn the skills of feeding, bathing, diapering, skin care, soothing and safety, illness and child immunization. In addition, new parents will learn about breastfeeding techniques, including positioning, pumping, storage and breast care. Course fee of $50. Call 734-655-1158 for more information.

Breastfeeding Class
Expectant parents receive helpful information from certified lactation consultants on the benefits of breast milk, getting a good start in the hospital, and how to continue breastfeeding at home. One-day class. (Course fee.) Call 734-655-1100.

Breastfeeding Program
One-on-one consultation for new mothers to talk with our certified lactation consultants before delivery, while in the hospital, and once discharged home. Breast pump rental available. Call 734-655-1158.

Childbirth Education
Learning what to expect during the end of your pregnancy and especially during labor and delivery will make the entire childbirth experience more rewarding. St Mary Mercy Livonia has a Childbirth Preparation Class designed to help expectant families increase their knowledge of this experience. Taught by two of our very own labor and delivery nurses, new parents will learn about different stages of labor, anesthesia, medications and the importance of the support person. We will review breathing and relaxation techniques as well.
Please call early in your pregnancy to register for the Saturday workshop, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (Course fee of $75) Call 734-655-1023.

Eating for Two: Beyond the Fundamentals of Nutrition
This two-hour course is full of helpful information for women interested in eating right before pregnancy, during pregnancy and the postpartum period following pregnancy. Uncover the facts from the complex dynamics women often have with food. Learn about safe sources of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid essential for a baby's developing brain, and the new Institute of Medicine's weight gain guidelines. Hear how to reduce the risk of unnecessary Cesarean section by eating the right foods and what research has to say about peanuts and salsa during pregnancy. The class is taught by St. Mary Mercy's certified nurse midwife, who has some healthy recipes to share. Course fee of $12. No fee for Medicaid participants. Call 734-655-1100.

Infant Care Classes
"Getting to Know Your Newborn" focuses on care of your well infant, including feeding, bathing, sleep and activity habits. "Caring for the Sick Infant" focuses on infant safety (childproofing you home), immunizations and signs of illness. Offered to anyone who takes care of an infant. (Course fee of $35.) Call 734-655-1100.

Lectures and Seminars for Women
Throughout the year, the Marian Women's Center at St. Mary Mercy Hospital sponsors lectures by specialists in women's health care. Call 734-655-1100 for information on the next scheduled lecture.

Miracle of Life Birthing Center Tours
You're invited to visit the Miracle of Life Birthing Center and receive a personal tour. To arrange for a tour, call 734-655-1023.