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Before Surgery

Before surgery, we will assist you in completing the application packet and scheduling your consultation with one of our surgeons. Following the consultation, we will help you organize and schedule your pre-admission testing. Just prior to your surgery, you will complete your pre-surgical education classes, where you will learn what you will need for your hospital stay, nutrition needs following surgery and what to expect when you return from the hospital.

Surgery and Hospital Stay

This phase includes your laparoscopic procedure, the recovery period immediately following surgery and the first two days of your new, healthy life. During this time, you will be up and walking through the hospital corridors and receiving further education about your post-operative lifestyle.


This phase includes your follow-up appointments with your surgeon and dietitian, you membership in our ongoing support group and possibly becoming a BariPartner™. A BariParnter is someone who has experienced the surgery and is willing to mentor someone else on his or her weight loss journey.

As you lose weight rapidly, we want to ensure comprehensive medical follow-up and close connection to the Michigan Bariatric Institute. We are always available for questions, concerns or to talk about your weight loss.