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The Customer Service Center (CSC) is a call center that supports the needs of all Plant Operations and Maintenance, Food and Nutrition Services, Linen Distribution, Environmental Services, Security, Patient Transportation, Communications and the Medical Technology Services departments.

The CSC was created in 1997 to centralize the support services and better serve the entire facility. By calling one central telephone number, you can take care of everything from changing a light bulb to cleaning up a hazardous waste spill to repairing an x-ray machine. "One Call Does It All" is our motto.

Approximately 25,000 to 30,000 phone calls per year are answered in the CSC, staffed with three employees. CSC is a 24/7 operation. After normal business hours, calls are transferred to the Communications Department for continuous tracking of services.

In 2003, CSC, along with Environmental Services, was awarded the Most Courteous Department award. All hospital employees were asked to vote on which department exemplified the Standard of Courtesy. In addition, the Facilities Department acknowledged the Service Center as an integral part of their operation when they received the St. Mary Mercy Hospital Spirit Award.

Environmental Services
Most Courteous Department Award
Bed Turnaround time - National Award, beating national standard

Environmental Services (EVS)

The Environmental Services (EVS) Department is responsible for all housekeeping throughout St. Mary Mercy Hospital. In addition to cleaning the patient rooms, EVS employees keep all hallways, offices, conference rooms, rest rooms and floors clean and stocked.

With more than 40,000 admissions per year, cleaning patient rooms quickly and efficiently upon discharge is a critical task. With a team of 60 EVS Service Workers, beds are cleaned and ready for a new admission within 37 minutes of the time notified of a patient discharge. In 2003, St. Mary Mercy Hospital's Environmental Services Department was recognized as having one of the best turnaround times in the nation. The national bed turnaround time is 40 minutes per discharge. We are very proud of this achievement.

Also in 2003, Environmental Services, along with the Patient Support Service Center, was awarded the Most Courteous Department award. All employees were asked to vote on which department exemplified the Standard of Courtesy.

Linen Distribution

The Linen Distribution Department is responsible for the movement and supply of all clean and soiled linen within the building. They work very hard behind-the-scenes to make sure every patient has exactly what they need.

Two men are responsible for the delivery of all clean linen and the removal of all soiled linen for over 200 patients per day. This is not an easy task and can many days be extremely challenging. Four women keep all linen carts stocked and ready for delivery, receive and deliver all linen requests and prepare various size towel packs for Central Processing, where they are sterilized and made ready for Surgery.

Patient Transportation

The Patient Transportation Department employs 16 people transporting patients to and from their diagnostic testing. They serve departments such as the Emergency Center, Radiology and Cardiovascular, as well as direct admissions, discharges and transfers.

This department supports St. Mary Mercy Hospital 7 days per week, 17 hours per day. They will conduct approximately 56,000 patient transports per year.

The Patient Transportation Department has been recognized two times in the last three years with the "Spirit Award". This award, given each quarter by the previous recipient, is awarded to the department that exemplifies the spirit of St. Mary Mercy Hospital. Special recognition has been also given on several occasions for the outstanding quality of service.

Communications Department

With a staff of 12 Communications Specialists and 2 Receptionists, the Communications Department is the information hub of St. Mary Mercy Hospital. The Communications Specialists answer more than 432,000 phone calls per year. It is a 24/7 operation. In most instances, the Communications Department is the first point of contact within the hospital.

The main function of this department is to assist callers and visitors by getting them to their appropriate destinations. They must be familiar with physicians, staff, department heads and the location of patients, as well as the daily events within the hospital.

Any and all emergencies are channeled through the switchboard in order to disseminate information quickly throughout the hospital as necessary.

In addition, the Communications Department acts as the after-hours call center for Cardiology, Perioperative and Patient Support Services. In this capacity, they work with the Plant Operations, Maintenance, Security and the Medical Technological Services departments to assure timely and efficient service in supporting the daily operational needs of the hospital.

Food & Nutrition Services

In the Food and Nutrition Services Department at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, our goal is to satisfactorily provide appetizing and nutritious meals to meet the needs of patients, employees and visitors.

Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of our patient's treatment and recovery. A Food and Nutrition Services Department hostess will meet with the patient daily regarding menu choices and makes every effort to provide nutritious meals that are prepared according the doctor's orders. The department is staffed with Registered Dietitians with membership in the American Dietetic Association. They are available for patients with special needs and would be happy to answer questions regarding a special diet.


The St. Mary Mercy Hospital Cafeteria is located on the first floor. It offers many dining choices. The cafeteria has many tasty features such as fresh pizza, a large salad bar, a deli area, a cooking station where foods can be cooked to order and hot entree and grill areas. We also feature homemade soups daily. The hours of service are: 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily. The cafeteria reopens from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. A coffee cart is open during specific hours in the South Lobby. Vending machines are available in most visitor waiting rooms, the Overflow Cafeteria and in the Emergency Center.

Infection Control & Occupational Health & Safety

The Infection Control Department at St. Mary Mercy Hospital is integrated into the Outcomes Management Department. Infection Control helps to prevent nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections - e.g., surgical site infections, Hepatitis B virus, multi-drug resistant bacterial - by isolating sources of infections and limiting their spread. The Infection Control Department collects, analyzes, and interprets healthcare data in order to plan, implement, evaluate and disseminate appropriate public health and professional practices. We also train staff through education and dissemination of information on relevant and federal law practices and guidelines.

The Occupational Health & Safety Department (Safety Department) at St. Mary Mercy Hospital is integrated into the Outcomes Management Department and works closely with the Employee Health Nurse on employee related concerns. The Safety Department focuses on issues that arise in the areas of Security, Emergency Management, Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials, Utilities Management, and Equipment Management. The Safety Committee meets monthly and reviews data related to the focus areas listed above. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all visitors, patients, and staff when they are on our grounds.