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The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program is designed to take the graduating student from a college of podiatric medicine and provide the knowledge, skilled, and attitudes necessary to train the resident to practice the highest quality podiatric medicine and surgery. To accomplish this task the program seeks to provide an environment conducive to the accomplishment of the competencies identified. Specifically the resident is expected to have accomplished the following goals over the course of the 36-month program:

  1. Develop and enhance diagnostic and management competencies in podiatric medicine and surgery.
  2. Develop progressive levels of surgical skills in the management of foot and ankle conditions.
  3. Develop the attitudes necessary to practice ethically.
  4. Develop life long learning skills.
  5. Understand the factors involved in various practice models.
  6. Understand the differences in the in-patient and out-patient medical models and methods for assuring quality of care and risk management in both settings.
  7. Understand how systems of care are employed in the care of complex patient problems.
  8. Develop competency in research methodology and engage in scholarly activities.