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Community Benefit

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Mission Statement

We serve together in Trinity Health,
in the spirit of the Gospel,
to heal body, mind and spirit
to improve the health of our communities
and to steward the resources entrusted to us.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is dedicated to the ideal that health care is a ministry. This can be seen in the extensive array of basic medical care and health services available to patients. This is St. Joseph Mercy's overall focus in the community. As a not-for-profit hospital, we work to improve the health of our communities by reinvesting our "profits" back into the community through new technologies, vital health services, and access for all.

This ministry to the community is evidenced in programs such as the Peoples' Clinic for Better Health, cosponsored with the St. Clair County Medical Society, and funded in part by the United Way of St. Clair County, as well as St. Joseph Mercy's commitment to educational and awareness programs.

Another commitment is the ministry to the individual served. St. Joseph Mercy sponsors or cosponsors a number of support groups. St. Joseph Mercy also participates in community health campaigns and provides financial support for those in the community who do not have access to health insurance.

A Health System Tradition

At St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, we are not only obligated to share a commitment back to the community, but are pleased to do so in the tradition of Trinity Health.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is a Ministry Organization of Trinity Health, which is the fourth largest Catholic health system in the United States and the largest in the State of Michigan. There are 25 Ministry Organizations throughout the system, encompassing 44 hospitals in seven states. As a result of our relationship, St. Joseph Mercy obtains cost-effective, efficient purchased services for products and services that must be outsourced.

St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron Community Benefit Ministry

As the centerpiece of our Mission, programs for the poor and underserved continue to be a hallmark of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital's service to the community. In Fiscal Year 2009, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital reported more than $5 million in Community Benefit Ministry. This includes Ministry to the Poor and Underserved, Ministry to the Broader Community and the Unpaid Cost of Public Programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Each year, St. Joseph Mercy publishes a Community Benefit Report outlining the work completed to elevate the health status of the community.

This reflects programs and services such as those provided through the Peoples' Clinic for Better Health, the Mercy Charity Care program, the Mercy Pink Ribbon Fund and activities and programs carried out for the purpose of improving community health status and quality of life.

Mercy Care

Mercy Care is just one example of St. Joseph Mercy's Community Benefit Ministry. Mercy Care is a financial assistance program available to patients in need of medical care, who are either underinsured, uninsured or lack the financial resources to pay for their care. Mercy Care is administrated through the hospital's Financial Counselors and Finance Department.

When an uninsured or underinsured patient's needs must be met, extensive outreach and advocacy is conducted to obtain health insurance services such as Medicaid. If the patient is ineligible, other resources are researched. When all other forms of reimbursement access fail or is denied, Mercy Care is the service offered, providing a glimmer of hope for most patients as they try to manage a way to pay for their needed medical services.

Mercy Care is offered to patients who are income eligible and comes in many forms. Based on certain criteria, patients may get their entire bill or a percentage of it paid.

Peoples' Clinic for Better Health - A Prime Example

Peoples' Clinic for Better Health is another of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital's prime examples of Community Benefit Ministry. This collaborative project of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and the St. Clair County Medical Society offers free primary care medical services to those members of our community who lack the resources to pay for their care. One-half of its patients are the working poor, those among us who lack medical benefits or have insufficient medical coverage.

Located in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission on the southside of Port Huron, the clinic only operates because of volunteers, including physicians from the St. Clair County Medical Society, who staff the clinic, and contributions from organizations such as the United Way of St. Clair County, which funds the prescription assistance program.

Mercy Community Sponsorship

Another way in which St. Joseph Mercy Hospital serves the community is through financial and resources support of local clubs, organizations, agencies, events and activities. St. Joseph Mercy provides these supports in a variety of ways, including professional participation on local boards of directors, volunteer participation, and financial contributions.

Each year, St. Joseph Mercy participates in a number of fund raising campaigns that are in addition to its own philanthropic endeavors. Some of these community-wide campaigns include the United Way of St. Clair County and the American Cancer Society.

One of the values highlighted in the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Mission is: to steward the resources entrusted to us. This is very meaningful to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital as we offer supports while ensuring our ability to provide outstanding medical and healthcare services to the community.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital utilizes the following criteria when evaluating sponsorship requests:

  • Alignment with St. Joseph Mercy's Community Benefit Ministry program (as defined above).
  • Alignment with meeting our community's needs
  • Health of individuals (men, women, children, elderly)
  • Care to the poor and underserved
  • Health of the environment
  • Elevation of the status of our community
  • Alignment with St. Joseph Mercy's current programs and services
  • Alignment with the work currently underway through the Mercy Hospital Foundation.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Accurate measurement of community health needs is the first step in addressing the barriers to health care that many people face in the community. In collaboration with organizations in St. Clair County, St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to assist in defining the unmet needs, or gaps, in health-related services of the broader population. Conducted every three years, the assessment focuses on those in the community who are underserved or most in need, including: the elderly, indigent, homeless, uninsured or under-insured.

St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron seeks to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. Through this analysis of community needs, areas for future organizational investment are identified and addressed. Tracking of success from survey to survey is also conducted. For more information regarding CHNA or to request a copy of the most recent assessment, please contact the St. Joseph Mercy Community Benefit Officer at 810-984-1142.

Community Health Needs Assessment 2013

Community Health Needs Assessment 2010


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