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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I go about applying for the position? 
    Applicants can apply by mail or email, by submitting their resume with cover letter, two letters of recommendation and an unofficial school transcript.  All applications should be sent to the attention of Amy Preston at Michigan Heart.
  2. How do you help with relocating? 
    Apartment searches online have made this process easier. If you need assistance on housing please email
  3. Why is the internship 6 months, and can it be shorter if I can’t commit to the full 6 months?
    No, we can not shorten the internship. With our large facility, it is difficult to experience everything in a less amount of time. 6 months builds self-confidence, and more experience, which makes you more marketable to find a job. This will be a paid internship which is paid bi-weekly.
  4. If I want to work in a corporate fitness center, I should do a corporate internship, right? 
    Wrong, Most commercial/corporate centers want to hire someone with clinical experience since their clients either have a history of CAD, or have risk factors for CAD.

  5. When do I need to have my application in for an internship?
    For the January to July internship, we need applications no later than end of August.  For the July to January internship, we want the applications by February at the latest.
  6. What does an interview consist of?
    We review cardiac rehab exposure through volunteering or school, cardiac medication identification and basic EKG interpretation. 
  7. What can I do to make it more likely to get an internship at Michigan Heart?
    You can get hands on experience in cardiac rehab by volunteering.  If your program doesn’t provide an EKG class, you can get a book on EKG’s or take a shortened class at a local community college.
  8. How many interns do you take?
    We take 4 interns each group.
  9. Do I need to have liability insurance to cover myself during my internship?
    No, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital covers all employees under their policy.  Our interns are considered students for the 6 months they are with us.
  10. Can I have a second job while doing my internship?
    We do realize that interns may not be able to live on the stipend along that we provide. We suggest that if at all possible that you do not work if you don’t have to. This would allow you to put all your energy into learning your profession. However, if you need to work, we understand that as well. Tuesdays and Thursdays are more flexible hours, and interns often work a second job on those nights. Your weekends are also your own time. Occasionally, there are health fairs you can work at and get paid $10/hr.
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