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MammoPlus® - an Advanced Risk Assessment

If you know someone who has been touched by breast cancer, you know the importance of regular breast screenings. St. Mary Mercy offers MammoPlus® - a digital mammography screening PLUS a lifetime risk assessment for breast cancer.

With MammoPlus®, we’re able to determine if you are at higher risk for breast cancer, as well as monitor your breast health more accurately.

Our mission is to keep you healthy, but we also know if there is a chance of breast cancer, the sooner it is discovered, the better chance of beating it.

Benefits of MammoPlus®:

  • Provides more information sooner
  • Learn if you are at higher risk with an assessment score
  • You and your referring physician are alerted to your score right away
  • MammoPlus® results given within 48 hours
  • If necessary, a more in-depth high risk assessment is scheduled with our RiskPlus™ program in our High Risk Clinic
  • There is no additional cost for MammoPlus®

RiskPlus™ Analysis Report

This high-risk program offers a comprehensive risk assessment, where you are asked to answer questions about your personal and family risk with our Nurse Navigator. The answers and the resulting analysis provide intervention recommendations based on national guidelines. A copy of the results is sent to your primary care provider. Our High Risk Clinic providers are also available at your convenience to answer any questions about your personal risk or breast cancer risk, in general.

For more information, please call 734-655-4216.


Women also receive a clinical breast exam through DiagnosticPlus™performed by a professional certified in clinical breast exam by MammaCare, a National Cancer Institute recognized exam methodology. This helps ensure all breast abnormalities are detected.


Finding a breast lump or an abnormal mammogram can be an alarming experience. Prompt evaluation is critical to early detection and treatment. At our Comprehensive Breast Center, you have same-day access to breast diagnostic services and receive pathology results within 24 to 48 hours. RapidResults™ gives you answers as quickly as possible.


Being asked to return for diagnostic tests after a routine mammogram can be frightening. To help relieve anxiety, NavigationPlus>™ offers nurse navigators to assist women through diagnostics,and if breast cancer is diagnosed, through treatment. Nurse navigators serve as a primary contact while providing resources, education and support.


With our TeamPlus™ approach, you receive the most comprehensive plan of care. Your team, which includes a medical radiologist, medical oncologist, pathologist, surgeon, nurse navigator,social worker, research nurse and high risk nurse practitioner meet regularly to ensure your plan of care follows national best practices. All TeamPlus members are aware of your plan of care, timeline and needs and they are available to support you.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about MammoPlus® and RiskPlus™