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Endovascular Services:

Our approach to peripheral vascular disease offers the latest in endovascular treatment options. An integrated multidisciplinary approach ensures the highest level of patient care. Cooperative and coordinated care by a team of interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists and vascular surgeons experienced in endovascular techniques provide unprecedented therapeutic interventions in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease.

Leading edge technology allows experienced surgeons to perform procedures in a minimally invasive manner.  Patients do not experience the same level of pain, recover faster and have a shorter hospital stay than they would if they had an open surgery.  These minimally invasive procedures are endovascular interventions.  It literally means providing therapy performed inside the blood vessels.

The specialist typically gains access to the artery using micro-instrumentation that includes catheters, wires and stents.  With a small incision to the groin area, the specialist can produce impressive results.  The experienced specialist can determine where there is a blockage of plaque or calcified tissue and thread the catheter to the diseased site using the endovascular approach supported by image guided technology.

The use of endovascular techniques is limited to those doctors with specialized training and significant experience.  We perform hundreds of these procedures annually.  Many times patients can schedule these procedures on an outpatient basis and go home the same day.

Several types of endovascular procedures performed at SMML include:

  • Coronary interventions
  • Peripheral interventions
  • Dialysis Access

  Endovascular-Image.jpg                                                                           Blocked Artery                            Open Artery