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Helen Palmer, born and raised in Detroit, was a humorist, an active individual, a dedicated mother and grandmother, and a wonderful friend. In 1992, at 74 years old, she died of colon cancer. Her life left a mark among family, friends and neighbors. Even as she was diagnosed with a late stage of cancer, she kept her composure and her humor, appreciating the wonderful life she was provided.

To honor Helen, daughter Roberta, through her generosity, chose St. Mary Mercy Hospital's Image Recovery Center to continue her mother's name. "I give to St. Mary Mercy because thirty years from now, I want this hospital and the patients it serves to continue to thrive," says Roberta.

Being her mother's caregiver while she was ill, Roberta quickly learned the need for cancer care close to home, as well as maintaining a positive attitude and self-image. With Helen's name associated with the Image Recovery Center at St. Mary Mercy, her fun-loving personality and optimistic spirit will resonate for generations to come.

About the founder of Image Recovery Centers®

Marianne Kelly, IRC FounderMarianne J. Kelly, president and founder of the original hospital-based Image Recovery Centers® (1993), has a personal commitment to the service of image-enhancement for cancer patients. Her experience with this disease began when she was young, losing a sibling to leukemia. Later, her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Eleven years after that, Marianne herself was diagnosed with a brain tumor and suffered the physical devastation of brain surgery. She has combined these real life experiences with her aesthetic expertise to provide the most comprehensive image rehabilitation program for the cancer patient.

Marianne is a certified image consultant with specialized training in makeup application, color analysis and wardrobe planning, a licensed professional hair designer certified in clinical cosmetology, and a certified breast fitter. She is an expert in self-esteem rehabilitation through image enhancement, and has been recognized by the American Hospital Association and other organizations for founding the Image Recovery Centers®.