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Plan in a Can photoBe Prepared in Case of an Emergency

What is the Emergency Plan in the Can?
At St. Mary Mercy Hospital, we care about you and your well-being. And when there is an emergency, we want you to be prepared. The Plan in the Can will give our emergency medical team and our community rescue teams the information we need to best provide you a coordinated transition of care to, during and after your visit to our Emergency Center.

With this program, we’ve provided you a can to keep all the recommended information to assist you in an emergency:

  • "Just in Case" Medical Information Card – provides us information about you and your medications, medical history, allergies, physician contacts and emergency contacts
  • Contact information for other care services you may be receiving, like home health care
  • Location of advanced directives if applicable
  • Information about your pets
  • and more!

We have coordinated this program with our community rescue teams such as Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire and rescue, and ambulance services. We ask you to keep this Plan in the Can container with the suggested documents in your refrigerator as a common place the community rescue teams can find it when you have an emergency.

All the recommended information should be included in this container, because it is vital when our community rescue providers tend to you in an emergency, during transport to the hospital, as well as for our medical staff when you arrive in our Emergency Center. 

Why your Plan in the Can is vital to you

  • This information assists all of us in the transfer of important medical information that is essential for your emergency decisions, diagnosis and disposition, and will honor your wishes in the event that your medical condition does not allow you the physical ability to speak for yourself at that time. 
  • It engages patients, families, caregivers and health care professionals in making health care decisions and to manage our patients' health.
  • Incorrect or missing information may lead to omissions in care; care given that is unwanted or unnecessary and or unintentional harm.
  • Improves and ensure current, accurate health information flow during transitions of care
  • Reduces medication errors leading to possible adverse events and readmissions
  • Reduces frustration between patients, families, health care professionals
  • Promotes a state of readiness for an unexpected health care crisis
  • Going green - taking a recycled tennis can and turning it into a plan for both family and health care professional discussion to use for health care decisions makes good sense. 

For more information about the Emergency Plan in the Can, call Michelle Moccia, ANP-BC, Program Director, Senior ER at 734-655-3643 or Kathy Dattolo, LMSW, Social Worker, Senior ER at 734-655-1256. You can also download and print the "Just in Case" Medical Information Card.