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From the Medical Director

At St. Mary Mercy Hospital, we embrace seniors as productive, wise, vital and engaging. Our entire staff welcomes the opportunity to help seniors stay active and healthy, but when medical attention is needed, we are fully committed to treating seniors in the special and unique ways each individual deserves. We believe senior living is a preferred, healthy lifestyle – not a category to describe an aging population.

During my daily interactions with seniors, the most important topics I stress are to stay active, walk and eat well. These seem like such simple steps, yet in our busy world it is sometimes hard to accomplish without consistent reminders. On the other hand, keeping busy is a great tool for healthy living at an older age. I repeatedly tell my patients that retirement is an option. If you feel good and love your job, keep that purpose in your life. Be active in church or volunteer, and maintain close friendships. Keep engaged with everyday life.

We fully embrace our aging generations. We recognize their needs are unique compared to those of younger people, even if they share the same medical condition.  Age and experience are some of the best tools in building a successful life. We embrace that philosophy at St. Mary Mercy Hospital as we strive to help seniors live well in all facets of life.


Dr. Prasad Mikkilineni