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Dear Future Family Physician,

I would like to welcome you to the St. Mary Mercy Hospital Family Medicine Residency! Please review the information on our website as you venture into your investigation for a future residency program. We hope that the information provided will help give you an idea of what our program has to offer for your residency training. We are a community based program and utilize two residency clinics for continuity patients, one in Canton and the other in Livonia. Our training program is geared toward the way most Family Physicians practice today – in the outpatient setting. However, should you choose to incorporate inpatient medicine or urgent care into your practice or pursue a fellowship opportunity, you will be fully prepared upon graduation. The faculty, community preceptors, office staff and residents are all committed to providing patients with affordable, quality care in a comfortable, patient-centered environment.

The residents graduating from our program have pursued a wide variety of opportunities in clinical practice. Some have pursued fellowship opportunities (i.e. addiction medicine, sports medicine, geriatrics, palliative care), some have chosen to work in an outpatient practice, some have become hospitalists and some have committed to urgent care clinics. We had one recent grad who took a position in rural Alaska! You will be well prepared to pursue any avenue you desire after graduation.

The mission of the St. Mary Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program is to:
1) develop the full potential of Family Physicians to provide excellent medical care for families and individuals in the community,
2) to maintain and advance the highest standards of the specialty of Family Medicine, and
3) to derive a high level of success and satisfaction from the practice of Family Medicine.

Meeting the needs of our patients is the reason for this program to exist. We value the private practice of medicine and will seek to prepare our residents for successful independent private practice.

We are excited to have you consider our program as your “home away from home” for the next three years! We have superb residents, committed faculty physicians, dedicated community preceptors and competent, compassionate staff with whom you will work on a regular basis. We have a program coordinator who is the best in the business and will be your touchstone for your residency. We have a behavioralist who is passionate about integrative care and our Global Health track. Please take some time to peruse the website and check out our “family photos” to get an idea of who we are as a residency.

I look forward to meeting you in the future!

Best wishes,
Stacy O’Dowd, MD
Family Medicine Program Director