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Q: How do I apply to your program?
A: All applications must go through the AAMC Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). We do not consider any applications mailed, emailed, faxed, dropped off in person, or sent via a friend. With thousands of applicants applying to residency we simply do not have the staffing resources to consider applications outside of the standard ERAS process. Please submit all applications through ERAS unless you are applying for a non-standard position such as a PGY2 or 3 position. Those will be considered via email, only if an opportunity arises.

Q: Does calling help increase my chances of being invited to an interview?
A: No. Most random calls for information can not be returned due to the volume of calls that are placed. For specific needs that are not addressed on our website please send an email and we will try to address them.

Q: What are your score requirements for Standardized Examinations?
A: Scores on standardized examinations are one of many data points used to determine the candidate with the proper fit for St. Mary Mercy’s training program. Higher scores are of course more favorable than lower scores. Lower score applicants might be on a wait list or invited later in the interview season.  Again, if you feel you have a well-rounded CV and portfolio of experiences, scores will not be the only factor which determines whether you will get an interview.

Q: Must an applicant pass all standardized examinations on the first attempt?
A:  Multiple failures on standardized exams are viewed very unfavorably and require explanation in the personal statement before the applicant will be considered. A single failure will require explanation but is not a reason used to exclude an applicant from consideration. Failed exams that have scores still pending or have not been retaken at the time of match list submission will not be ranked. It is the applicant’s duty to alert the program to these changes in test results.

Q: Do you have a graduation cutoff year?
A: No. However, the Internal Medicine Program at St. Mary Mercy prefers candidates that have a serious training need or educational goal and are not merely looking for residency opportunities as a path to obtain work or citizenship in the U.S. Our general rule is to look first at candidates with a three-year time from graduation and then expand to more lengthy times since graduation. Life experiences since graduation play a larger role in our considerations for candidates with more than three years since graduation. All applicants are encouraged to apply who wish to be considered no matter what their year of graduation.

Q: What percentage of your residents are international medical graduates?
A: St. Mary Mercy’s Internal Medicine program enjoys a wide diversity of residents from many countries, schools, and ages. Actual percentages are not tracked as we have residents from American schools, Caribbean schools, and many other schools from around the world.

Q: Do you require U.S. experience for applicants?
A: U.S. experience is very desirable in our search for the ideal resident. U.S. clinical experience affords applicants several advantages, which are very important as soon as they begin seeing patients. Several things that we prefer applicants have learned in their U.S. experiences include excellent communication skills, customer service skills, an introductory understanding of insurance types, how patients pay for health care and prescriptions, and how care might be provided for those without insurance. The higher quality the U.S. experience, the better our new interns are able to navigate the patient interview and exam as well as focus on the medical knowledge and patient care that is needing to be learned.

Q: What type of Visa do you sponsor?
St. Mary Mercy will sponsor J1 Visas.

Q: Do you have any fellowship programs? 
A: At this time we do not have any fellowship programs but exploration into providing fellowship opportunities is ongoing in the areas of Geriatrics and Palliative Care.

Q:  How is your program unique?
A: Our program is very unique because as a new residency program (started July 2010), we have enjoyed the support of a very flexible administration and faculty staff that made a conscious decision to provide medical education at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. Supporting resident and student education is a very deliberate choice and as such, enjoys the rewards of being uniquely supported and therefore is providing real world experiences in the field of medicine and other specialties. Our program directors for each of the residencies collaborate and share ideas across training programs which provides a very integrated multidisciplinary learning environment.