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Michigan's First Senior Emergency DepartmentSM

St. Mary Mercy’s Senior Emergency DepartmentSM is the first program in Wayne County exclusively dedicated to meeting the needs of patients age 65 and up, their caregivers and family.

All aspects of your Senior Emergency DepartmentSM experience are designed with your long-term health and wellness in mind. At St. Mary Mercy’s Senior ERSM, we've enhanced our geriatric clinical training, enabling our staff to spend more time evaluating your health and medical condition to ensure we're meeting your total needs. A team of board-certified, specially trained physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other clinical staff, including a dedicated care coordinator will assess your personal medical situation and help to identify and address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Senior ERSM staff communicates with other team members so your care is coordinated in a timely manner. This includes consults with your personal primary care physician about treatment options and your care plan.

Pharmacists and Social Workers
During your medication history review, pharmacists are alerted to high-risk medications and assess for medication interactions that may be affecting your health. Our licensed social worker provides a needs assessment for you and your family to help you maintain your independence and healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, develop an alternative care plan.

A Quiet and Comfortable Environment
We’ve transformed the physical space in our Senior ERSM to optimize your comfort and safety in a peaceful setting. Our specially equipped area has six private patient rooms, with the ability to expand up to 11 private rooms with access to sophisticated care and aftercare resources. 

Other features include:

  • softer lighting
  • non-skid floors
  • extra thick pressure-reducing mattresses
  • private rooms
  • clocks and telephones with larger numbers
  • hearing assistive devices, warm blankets and reading glasses also available

More than 40,000 patients are treated annually in the 24-hour Emergency Department at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. Our range of emergency services also includes emergency angioplasty, chest pain evaluation, stroke care, advanced diagnostic imaging on-site, electronic medical record technology and a fast track process for minor injuries and illnesses.

What our patients are saying:
“It felt like I was somebody special. They listened. I felt that somebody really cared for me.”
– Hilary G., Livonia

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