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St. Mary Mercy Hospital has made a commitment to enhance patient-centered care for older adults with our designation as a NICHE hospital (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders).

We are one of more than 300 hospitals nationwide to offer NICHE training for our staff, but at St. Mary Mercy we’re moving forward with additional steps. St. Mary Mercy has a specified plan to put every single nurse – plus multiple levels of physicians – through this unique NICHE training. We pledge to ensure everyone on our nursing staff is ready to meet the special needs of our older patients and their families, making them the beneficiaries of this extraordinary type of care.

“Utilizing the training, tools and resources offered through NICHE we aim to advance our care to seniors to the next level,” said Carrie Hays McElroy, Service Line Administrator for Senior Services at St. Mary Mercy. “Our goals are to enhance the care we currently provide to our seniors through better understanding their needs. It is caring for the patient’s body, mind and spirit.”

Patient and Family Resources include assistance with:

  • Nurse/family partnering strategies
  • Medication use
  • Community care options
  • Dementia
  • Self-care for family caregivers
  • Work and eldercare topics
  • Discharge planning

NICHE, the largest geriatric nursing program available, was developed by the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing and the New York University College of Nursing. The collaborative nature of this network is vital, allowing leading experts and practitioners to share knowledge, experiences and best practices to improve elder care.

For more information about NICHE, contact Carrie Hays McElroy at 734-655-1706 or visit