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Sherrill Lefforge, 60, Redford Township, Michigan
Theology teacher at Detroit Catholic Central High School, Novi

"My experience began when I had pain in my hip. It just felt like I slept on it wrong. To say it hurt was an understatement. My colleagues jokingly called me ‘peg leg.' I had a battery of tests performed by my primary physician and then decided to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist. 

I had my hip replacement surgery in June 2009. Through the program, I continued the exercises and it made such a difference. If you do what they ask in the program, you will be in good shape. And now I can walk straight again. I eventually had my second hip replaced in November 2009 again through the Center for Joint Replacement.

Everyone in the program is so affirming. From the PCAs to the nurses to the physicians, the caring permeates through the program. It's a wonderful experience, and when I retire I will give back by volunteering at St. Mary Mercy.

Now when I see limping colleagues, I recommend the Center for Joint Replacement program to them. I just wanted to be able to walk straight again and now I can. I can't cartwheel, but I'm tempted!"

Earl Frank, 70, Southgate, Michigan

"I've had both of my knees replaced through the Center for Joint Replacement. I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and my knees were literally being attacked. They would fill with fluid, I would have them drained and would still be in a lot of pain.

I attended a Center for Joint Replacement pre-surgical class in October 2010 where they discussed the surgery itself, what to expect, and the healing process. The class definitely helped put my mind at ease. I had my left knee replaced in November 2010, and it went better than I thought! The pain wasn't as bad as I imagined and I was up walking later that night. Our ‘joint camp' group was nice because you had others that were going through this experience together.

The Center for Joint Replacement program is super. All the aides, nurses and physicians are trained to help you handle the pain. It's truly a great program."