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The heritage of the Felician Sisters is woven through St. Mary Mercy Hospital, creating a culture of compassion that benefits our patients, visitors and staff. The Sisters are bonded to one another by their community living and prayer life. For two Sisters, there is another common thread, their bloodline.

Sister Mary Modesta Piwowar knew that she wanted to serve God as a nun since the third grade. After taking her vows, she prayed each day that Jesus would guide her to her true calling – to serve God and others as a caregiver. When the Livonia community turned to the Felician Sisters to help open a local hospital in 1959, Sister Modesta was asked to direct the laboratory.

Throughout the years, she has held a number of roles at St. Mary Hospital including president. Today, she directs the “No One Dies Alone” program.

Radiating God’s love and joy, Sister Modesta is an inspiration to many people. And, this is especially true for Sister Janet Marie Adamczyk, who cherishes the memories of family visits with Sister Modesta in the lab and the many years that she has ministered and lived with Sister Modesta.

Currently, Sister Janet Marie is the Chief Mission Officer and is involved in Mission Integration, Ethics and Community Benefit activities. Throughout her 38 years at the hospital she has worked in various roles.

Sister Janet Marie describes the efforts of the Generations Together Campaign as “continuing the Felician heritage by building upon the faith and trust of the pioneer Felician Sisters; the dedication of the staff, many of whom had generations of family members working at the hospital; and the strength of community partnerships.”

Sister Modesta and Sister Janet Marie cross generations as aunt and niece to carry out the vision of the Blessed Mary Angela, foundress of the Felician Sisters and the mission and vision of St. Mary Mercy Hospital. They, along with all of the physicians, employees and volunteers bring God’s love and mercy to the patients they serve.