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Medicine that gets you back in the game

Nobody wants to sit on the sidelines. MercyElite's team of physicians and trainers find solutions to the injuries keeping you out of the game or limiting your performance.

Non-Operative Medicine

Should an injury occur, our sports medicine team offers appropriate non-surgical and surgical options to get athletes back in the game. Sports medicine deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.  

Our team utilizes a non-operative approach of osteopathic manual medicine. Osteopathic manual medicine is a treatment form in which the physician uses their hands to diagnosis, treat and prevent injuries within the body. The technique helps diagnose problems more accurately and can discover related issues away from the area of pain.

Many problems with the musculoskeletal system are related to issues with function rather than disease. By utilizing osteopathic manual medicine to restore the body's normal function, the normal fluid mechanisms can operate without restriction and allow an athlete to regain strength and stability.

If our team is unable to resolve the issues with a non-operative approach, we will refer you to an orthopedic surgeon to assist in injury recovery.