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The Value of Membership

The Modular IT Software Suite represents a less-intrusive alternative to a full E.H.R. implementation. SJMHS Physician Network has developed a solution that solves the “three ‘C’s” to adoption within physician offices:

  1. Capital.  The Web-based software means no new computers and no disruptive hardwired installations within your physician office.  The intuitive programming requires very little staff training to overcome a short learning curve.  Medical records are stored in the ‘Cloud’ with the application service provider (ASP), meaning your data is safe and secure from external physical forces.
  1. Connectivity.  Participating physicians are connected to the SJMHS Health Information Exchange (HIE), a secure platform that accommodates the sharing of results and clinical data between hospitals, physicians and affiliated providers and patients – regardless of their current or future IT solution.
  1. Cost.  The majority of the cost to implement is borne by Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.  Physician offices pay just 15% of the installation per year.  That’s less out-of-pocket than every other hospital system in southeast Michigan.