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At St. Mary Mercy Hospital a special group of people personify generosity and unselfishness. They freely give of their time, talents and resources to help St. Mary Mercy Hospital carry out its mission of service to the community. These dedicated individuals are the volunteers of St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

We invite you to become a part of this exceptional group of people.

Volunteer opportunities are available in over 40 departments within the hospital. Placement of volunteers in all departments is dependent upon service area needs. These service areas, including both patient interaction and non-patient care related duties, are as follows:

  • Admitting
    Put on your walking shoes and escort patients to various testing areas.
  • Endoscopy
    The Endoscopy Department offers volunteers an opportunity to assist patients and patient family members. Some clerical work is involved. The ability to push wheelchairs and walk to other areas is necessary.
  • Emergency Center
    Three service areas are available. The Emergency Liaison supports patient family members by keeping them informed of the status of the patient. The Emergency Ambassador reacts to the needs of the liaison and the patient family members in a clerical situation, interfacing with staff regarding the condition of patients. The Emergency Runner offers direct patient comfort and errand assistance for the staff.
  • Food and Nutrition Services
    Assist our dietary specialists with tray delivery, menu distribution, or general kitchen service. Involves some patient interaction.
  • Infant Hearing Screening
    One of the newest programs at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, this program is limited to retired medical professionals (nurses, physicians, aides, physician office personnel, etc.).Hands on involvement with newborns.
  • Information Desks
    Meet and greet incoming visitors and be part of a positive first impression.
    Marian Women's Center. A variety of light clerical duties and collating skills are needed by this department.
  • Medical Records
    Clerical assistance involving typing, filing, computer input, materials copying.
  • Miracle of Life Birthing Center
    Assist staff with a variety of duties including clerical, patient transport, patient snack cart, supply organization, and much more. Does not include involvement with babies.
  • Non-invasive Cardiology
    If you are interested in clerical work, this is the service area for you. Assisting the office staff with a variety of clerical duties will make your day go quickly.
  • Nuclear Medicine
    Assisting patients to and from various testing areas and being a cheerful person will make you a valuable part of this department. Some light clerical skills are necessary.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehab
    Students wishing to volunteer and at the same time fulfill educational requirements will find this program most beneficial.
  • Outpatient Surgery
    A choice of clerical or patient interaction is available in this service area. Receptionists greet incoming patients, while other volunteers interact directly with the patients.
  • Patient Interaction Areas
    The volunteers offer staff and patient assistance. Visiting with patients, providing fresh ice water, and assisting the staff with light clerical functions are only a few of the duties that keep volunteers active and in touch with a variety of people and duties.
  • Other Departments
    Included in this classification: Library, Coffee Cart, Book Cart, Clerical Pool, Marketing/Public Relations, Patient Services, Radiology, Oncology, and many more.

How to Become a Volunteer

You have taken the first step by requesting this information. Please call the Volunteer Services Department to schedule an interview. Further requirements include:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Furnish two references (one character reference, and one employment reference, if applicable). A form will be provided for this purpose
  • Meet health requirements
  • Meet uniform requirements
  • Participate in orientation of assigned area
  • Be flexible to service area needs and times

Volunteering Benefits

The volunteer program of St. Mary Mercy Hospital is geared for your success:

  • Enjoy the "family atmosphere" and positive work environment.
  • Be recognized as a vital part of hospital care.
  • Sharpen your skills and/or learn new ones.
  • Gain social relationships with fellow volunteers, current staff and other community members.

Call today for an appointment:

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800-494-1652 (out of area)
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